The “Pipeline to Prostitution”

According to a Casa California (Court Appointed Special Advocates) advertisement I saw on the bus today, there are over a thousand children in San Francisco’s foster care system. What makes this tragic is that the majority of those in foster care don’t fall into the jurisdiction of the dependency system. A child has to fit into the criteria of Welfare and Institutions code 300 and Senate Bill 243. I urge victim parents to read these two statutes and apply them to their individual cases. In my case and almost every other case I am told about, the children were better off in their homes than the situations they were placed in.

Futhermore, children in foster care are at serious risk for exploitation and trafficking. Predators target children in foster care and sometimes the foster family is responsible. Even in cases where children are not victimized while in foster care, they are at much higher risk of entering into prostitution after leaving foster care.


At the end of January of 2017, the LA Sheriff’s department rescued 28 children from sex trafficking and arrested 474 people. 70% of these children were in foster care. The LA media covered the story. However, the local SF media did not. This should be front page news. I urge people to contact the news stations and inquire about why the systematic ritual abuse of foster children is so underreported.

All I can say is, “Give us back our children!”





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  1. I am a victim parent and my rights were violated. The babysitter abuser my baby. I reported it and they took the baby away from me. No one is trying to help me or my baby. I want to protest with you because no one else is listening.


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