Child Protective Services and family court are systems of family destruction that have gone unchecked for too long. Children are suffering because those designated to protect them have become misguided and, in all too many cases, corrupted.

These systems are grossly failing in their entrusted public roles as the protectors and saviors of children and families. PACC fights the front lines to ensure that the rights of parents are upheld and the best interests and well-being of children are protected. This means holding individual actors accountable when they knowingly and repeatedly harm children and families. Alone, we’re nobodies. Together, we’re a movement. They threw us to the wolves and we came back as a PACC….


The Adoption and Safe Families Act, enacted in 1997, created perverse incentives to local and state governments to remove children from their homes and adopt them out to strangers.  Too much tax-payer money is being spent; more money should be allocated to support families rather than to expand the child welfare industry into an increasingly bigger business. The rights of children and families are being violated and the families negatively impacted.

Family destruction is a harm that perpetuates injustice and creates barriers to justice, healing, kinship, and love.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve families by increasing accountability, transparency and oversight of California’s child welfare system and juvenile courts.

We hope to raise awareness about systemic issues of inequity and increase oversight and enforcement in child welfare agencies and in family courts throughout the country. Parents are being deprived of their 14th Amendment rights to due process and equal protection under the law, their 4th amendment rights to protection against unlawful search and seizure, and their 6th amendment rights to fair and speedy trials.

Children that do not fall under the jurisdiction of juvenile courts are being unlawfully separated from loving parents without proper burden of proof requirements or procedural safeguards. Billions and billions of dollars of tax payer money is spent every year, while families and children are being victimized in the process.

People of color, ethnic minorities, low-income, mentally or physically disabled, currently and formerly incarcerated, and those without strong support networks are disproportionately targeted. As such, we are striving to create a support network for families that have been through or are currently going through the child welfare system. Hopefully, someday soon, membership in our group will help to ensure that the rights of historically oppressed populations are upheld..

We hope to lift the stigma that follows people with cps cases or that have had children removed or their parental rights terminated. Simply by being in the system people are presumed to have done something wrong. This is not always the case. , Furthermore, it is important for the general public to understand that, although ethical workers do exist, there is also corruption in the system and social workers do lie and engage in misconduct and sometimes children that were never abused, neglected or abandoned end up in the system.