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            The time is ripe for child welfare advocacy to transition to a stage of activism. We are in the midst of an epidemic. According to the AFCARS Report published by the Children’s Bureau, over half a million families were impacted by the child welfare system in 2015. Some of the children and families never recover; too many never truly fell into the jurisdiction of the system to begin with. It is time for families, parents, politicians and sympathizers to stand together and have our voices heard. Furthermore, families and children are not the only people effected by the excess and corruption of the child welfare system. The American taxpayers are paying for the traumatization of children and families; billions and billions of dollars are invested every year into the system. More children being removed, placed in foster care, and adopted out equates to more taxpayer money being invested into creating an increasingly bigger child welfare business. This corruption needs to end, and the natural place to begin is through activism.

Join us! They threw us to the wolves and we came back as a PACC…

Check out this insightful article in the New Yorker:



Click on this link to learn how Senator Nancy Schaefer exposed CPS in Georgia:


Check out Carlos Morales’s awesome website:

Carlos Morales is a former CPS investigator turned whistleblower and the author of Legally Kidnapped. Carlos Morales was incredibly brave to write this shocking expose on the child welfare industry. Being a whistleblower is a tough path but if only more people would speak out against injustice, the world would be  better place. Buy his book on Amazon for only $10!



Bob Ortega from the Arizona Times:

LA Times: CPS workers charged with child abuse.,amp.html


watch infowars segment on CPS Corruption in UK and USA








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  1. My ex was bitter and he made false allegations of child abuse. I’m sure the caseworker knew they were false, but they went forward with the removal anyway. I am so sad. Don’t know what to do or how to cope.


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