CJP = Toothless Watchdog

The CJP Fails to Provide Oversight and Accountability

California’s Commission On Judicial Performance has operated as a pseudo-oversight agency for the judiciary for over 56 years. Throughout its entire history, the CJP has never once been audited.

In 2016, the State Auditor requested an audit of the CJP. In response, the CJP used taxpayer money to sue the State Auditor in order to stop the audit. To date, the State Auditor asked the California Supreme Court to rule on the audit after Judge Suzanne Bolanos of San Francisco Superior Court sided with the CJP to curb the audit.

As a result of the CJP’s refusal to provide adequate oversight to the California judiciary, PACC is launching judge recalls in Contra Costa County as our citizen response to creating much needed oversight and accountability. Since the CJP is continuing to fail the public, the public is now stepping up to the plate to protect themselves and their children.

SEE UPDATE: California’s judicial disciplinary agency to be audited after complaints Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 9.40.15 PM



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