School Vaccine Policies Violate Parental Rights

By Michelle Chan, PACC founder & president, 3/25/23

Last night, I interviewed Sandra “RN” on my podcast and it opened my eyes to an area of parental rights that I have long neglected. The medical freedom movement (opponents refer to it as the anti-vaccine or anti-vax movement) advocates against government interference in family health choices. The movement is especially vocal about vaccine mandate policies in schools and at the state level.

Sandra “RN” is a take-no-prisoners activist who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I first came across her activism in January 2020 after she was arrested (twice) for her activism in opposition of SB 276. She is a charismatic and captivating activist and her authenticity and dedication really stuck out to me.

Here is a short video clip of Sandra RN submitting affidavits at the California State Capitol in January 2020: click here.

SB 276 was passed into law in September of 2019 and bars vaccine exemptions in school that are not health related. According to Sandra, it’s passage displaced more than 50,000 children from the public school system.

Before Sandra’s own child was vaccine injured, she worked as a nurse administering vaccines on a daily basis. She had been taught that vaccines-injuries are extremely rare. However, Sandra now feels strongly the purported risks of vaccines is significantly undervalues.

“The pharmaceutical companies lobby aggressively to skew the ratio of vaccine risk versus benefits, and slowly but surely our parental rights are being chipped away. The pharmaceutical companies are profiting off our children and spending a fortune to hide risks and skirt blame,” Sandra said.

Sandra urges people to become more active in politics and to get out and vote in local and state elections. It is bad for society, communities, and families when ordinary citizens become disinterested in politics, elections and legislative reform. It allows special interest groups to monopolize the shaping of public policy. Special interest groups are also currently the dominant influence shaping child welfare policy reform. Much of the polices passed over the past few years in California is pushed by child welfare system insiders whose true intent is to further expand the system and put more money in their own pockets.

In summary, get out and vote everyone! Also, follow us on facebook and youtube FB: @parentsagainstcpscorruption & YT: California Families Rise

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