Poem by Michelle Chan, founder and president of Parents Against CPS/Court Corruption

Because the sun don’t shine here no more, the world is not itself. No laughter, no purpose, no common sense. And yet, the vaguest memories of my son still linger. I walk past empty playgrounds, see my son’s empty bed and his toys all gathering dust.

The stab of loneliness is unbearable. 

If only I could smoke away the hurt.

I want out, but there is no escape because to run away would be to abandon my son, to abandon all hope.

 If only I could shoot myself into another existence.

And so I stay, here in the darkness I fight.

And I will keep fighting, even long after I find my own light and my own son comes home. 

I.Will.Fight.For all the children. I will fight until all the light returns, and all the children are home. 

I will fight until this madness is all over. Rise up and fight with me.

Shadows is about the heartache and senselessness of the child welfare and family court system. It is about one mother’s devastation and the will-power she pulled from deep within to overcome the deep depression that had taken hold of her life.

For those that have never been through it, the system is so incredibly senseless and unjust.

Please rise up together with us to fight back against injustice and to restore compassion and injustice to communities.

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