Class Action Lawsuits

Parents Against CPS Corruption is organizing class action lawsuits in various Northern California counties. We have attorneys signed on to represent the groups.

A more detailed blog will be posted soon. Call 415-815-9415 or email to find out more.

3 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuits

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  1. I need help. I was Slandered by my ex who than plead guilty and told our cps worker the truth and stood up in court telling the truth. Everyone that called on me lied for his benefit. Now cps knows the truth and went on assuming they know me. I have everything. Even the backs a for the of him and my dad’s wife planning it all. When nathan wouldn’t prosacute anymore cps and community mental health built a case of lies,slander, and just plain wrong. Everyone will back me in this town. Because My father was saying it was true was the ice breaker. But my father was also conned and will tell you that now. But, a lady behind the counter at community mental health felt terrible so when I picked up my records she says I might get fired but here is what you need to fix the case. Thank god for good people. I know my babies want to be home. Please help. My phone number is 231-313-4301. Thank you. There is so much more I have all of it!!


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