SFPD and SF District Attorney must investigate and prosecute!

In recent months, several police reports have been filed complaining of criminal misconduct against parents by CPS caseworkers.

In one case, a CPS caseworker committed forgery and falsification of documents in addition to perjury by affidavit, libel, willfully failing to serve papers, concealing evidence, and concealing domestic violence. This social worker has yet to be held accountable. It took the victim-parent six months to convince the SFPD to file the police report and another two months to open the investigation.

It is now up to the District Attorney to pick up the case and to prosecute. It is of the utmost importance that social workers are held accountable for criminal misconduct, or they will do it again, and again, and again.

Please call the SFPD fraud unit @ (415)553-1521 and the SF District Attorney at (415)553-1751, urging them to investigate and prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, crimes committed by CPS caseworkers against parents in the process of removing children from parental custody.

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