Philosophy and Mission Statement


Strict adherence to State and Federal guidelines are vital in safeguarding family and child well-being. Too much tax-payer money is being spent- more money should be allocated to support families rather than continued efforts to expand the child welfare industry beyond necessity. Families in crisis need supportive services, not to be unnecessarily torn apart. Foster care and removals cause lasting damage on children; furthermore, evidence supports the fact that children in foster care are at greater risk of being abused than in many of the homes they are removed from. Family court standards should be raised to give children and families the same substantive and procedural safeguards that criminal courts have in place. This is the best way to ensure that children and families are not being deprived of their due process rights.


            Our mission is to raise awareness about corruption in Children and Family Services and Family Court systems throughout the country. When all safeguards are in place, the child welfare system promotes family preservation and child well-being. However, state and federal guidelines are not being adhered to, families are being unnecessarily torn apart, and children are being hurt in the process. Parents are being deprived of their 14th Amendment rights to due process and equal protection under the law, their 4th amendment rights to protection against unlawful search and seizure, and their 6th amendment rights to fair and speedy trials. Children that do not fall under the jurisdiction of juvenile courts are being unlawfully separated from loving parents without proper burden of proof requirements or procedural safeguards. Billions of dollars of tax payer money is spent every year, with families and children victimized in the process. Our organization hopes to combat corruption by raising awareness, decreasing tax-payer funding, and increasing oversight and enforcement of child welfare and family court systems.

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